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Class 5 Licensing Course



Reasons you should do a Class 5 Course with us:

  • This course allows drivers to fast track obtaining their Class 5 Truck Driver Licence without waiting 6 months from the time they get their Learner Licence.
  • You will be professionally trained by a qualified and experienced instructor.





Course Aim

To obtain a Class 5 Truck Driver Licence without having to wait 6 months from the time a Class 5 Learner Licence is obtained.


What size of truck will a Class 5 allow me to drive?

Heavy combination truck with a gross combined weight of more than 25,000kg.


What do I need to have?

A Class 5 Learner Licence obtained from a licensing agency.


What do I need to do to get a Class 5 Learner Licence?

  • You must have held a Class 4 licence for at least 6 months (or 3 months if you are over 25).
  • You’ll need to get a medical certificate (unless you have presented one to the NZTA in the last 5 years) and pass a theory test at a licensing agency (e.g. AA, VTNZ or VINZ).
  • (If you need coaching with your class 5 Learner Licence – just ask us – additional fees apply)

How long does the Class 5 course take?

There is a little pre-course study (collect your study book/s when you come in to pay for the course).  There is normally between ½ and 1 day in class depending on what approved licensing courses you have previously completed.  This is then followed by 2 to 4 hours practical driving.


What unit standards are covered?

  • US 17577 – Operate a Class 5 heavy combination vehicle.
  • US 24089 – Work Time/Fatigue/Log Book (May not be required if you can provide evidence that you have completed this Unit Standard in the last 12 months and we are happy with your level of knowledge).

What happens when I pass the course?

Take the certificate we give you to a licensing agency (e.g. AA, VTNZ or VINZ) and they will help you apply for your new full Class 5 licence (Fees apply). We recommended that you present this within 60 days.



You cannot drive with just the certificate - it is not a licence.

How much does it cost if I can supply a truck and suitable load?

  • $800 + GST - full course.
  • $600 + GST - if you can provide evidence that you have:
    1. completed a Class 4 Approved Course, and
    2. completed the Work time/Fatigue/Log Book unit and we are happy with your level of knowledge.

How much does it cost if I can’t supply a truck with suitable minimum load of 50% of GLW?

  • We can quote for a hire vehicle if requried.
Extra practical training:
  • $140 plus GST per hour ($161 including GST) + truck hire additional.


What is included in the cost?

  • All course and tuition fees.
  • NZQA credit registration fees.

What is excluded?

  • Truck hire, NZTA or licensing agency fees.
  • Any practical training/assessment exceeding 4 hours – charged out at $140 plus GST ($161 including GST) per hour plus truck hire costs if applicable.